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Import paper wallet to windows based desktop wallet?
I found the command importprivkey <NeedleCoinprivkey> [label] [rescan=true]. But every time when I am trying to execute the command it says error 5. I do have paper wallet with few coins, but found it difficult to transfer it. I also tried this command mportaddress <Ng8e1tKGCQrfXHAxve18YYbdWUMp4XnqYK> [label] [rescan=true], but this error come up: Error: Error parsing JSON:[rescan=true].

Would appreciate if anyone would help with this one.
Do apologize if I posted thread in a wrong topic. 
Well, I guess I manage to figure out it myself. Smile
If anyone experiencing similar problems, can ask here. Will try to help as well.

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