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How to make a vanity address
hi to all!!!
this little tutorial is for generate nice NDC address.
0) download vanitygen

1) extract the archive
2) click on start and write cmd and then press enter (dos prompt will open)

[Image: 2cnfjq.png]

3) ok now drag and drop vanitygen64.exe on prompt then press space and write --help (this show you all commands)

[Image: 31440if.png]

4) ok press up arrow for last command delete --h and now write -iX53 Ntest and press enter

[Image: wl5bvp.png]

[Image: 21eattg.png]

The first letter must be N if you want to generate case sensitive address drop -i option and write -X53
(11-21-2017, 12:03 PM)wow. Great :-) Wrote: Big Grin
Thanks for your info

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