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Import PaperWallet

To be able to import a paper wallet into the NeedleCoin client, we first need to have the private key in WIF format (wallet import format).
If we have generated the wallet from we can find the key we need here

[Image: wallet_da_importare.png]

If we have generated a Vanity address to find the WIF we must find this line in the vanitygen output

[Image: vanity_output.png]

Now that we have what we need, we open the NeedleConin wallet, and if encrypted let's unlock it by entering the password then open the console by clicking on the HELP tab -> DEBUG WINDOW

[Image: debug.png]

Then click on the tab CONSOLE 

[Image: console_click.png]

At this point we import the private key with the command 'importprivkey "INSERT OUR KEY"' (without the quotation marks) and let's send

[Image: importa_console.png]

At this point we wait a while for the wallet to perform a rescan of the new address

NB. it may take some time and the wallet may not respond in the meantime, let it work and be patient
We will understand that the import will be terminated when the console will be available again

[Image: import_end.png]

NB. Note the time frame that was required in this case-

At this point, restart the wallet and verify that everything has been successful verifying that our address is on the recive adress list

[Image: verifica.png]

Wow. great. Nice post.
I am new here in crypto. But I kind of like concept.

I have a question. Does minting means mining? As I only created paper wallet at the moment.
awesome post thanks for your great info about wallet

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